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In our selection of various products, we have added our artistically designed sniffing mats to make consuming yummy food even better! It took as a while to create the perfect design but we hope that this one will meet all high standards.


Our sniffing mats have a lot of frills and are quite big. They have fantastic, bright colours and  two sizes to choose from, yet the greatest advantage is that they are machine washable (best to do it at 40 degrees) .

These mats are great fun and they help to teach dogs to  use their sense of smell. They also help in calming your friend and get him a fun way of eating. Dogs love sniffing about, in search of their favourite treats. All you have to do is hide some tasty snacks between the frilly bits and let the dog have some time to search. Finding treats is a great reward for your pet and they would all love to keep exploring them. Playing with the mat is an independent reward for your dog. Sniffing and searching teaches dogs how to control their emotions since they will need to learn to be patient and after reaching it’s goal of finding the food, your dog feels a positive satisfaction and joy.

How the mat works:
1. Prepare your dogs favourite snacks.
2. Then hide them in between the frills so that it’s not easy to see.
3. Use a command like “sniff” to allow your dog to start searching and playing (we recommend for it to be the owner that allows the dog to start and finish playing.)
4. Finally, after all the treats have disappeared, use another command like “finish” before hiding the mat until the next time you use it.

By doing  this, your dog will learn awesome new commands including “sniff” and “finish” after which he will know when he should start his heroic mission and when it is complete.

It is important to put it away when you aren’t using it since it is not a chew toy but a fun piece of equipment for exploring, sniffing and eating games.

Mats are great help for training hyper active dogs as well as lazy cuties who we would like to start exercising. If you want to then you could even use it instead of a normal bowl of dinner for your dog to discover his natural instincts. Hope that your dogs can enjoy eating too!