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We have the great joy to present to you our new toys : tug toy SPOTS.

Take a look at the difference between the pattern of it and our classic ones. They have bright, sparkling new colours and they have more frilly parts for even more fun. We obviously also have a great advantage of two sizes so that any dog small or big will be able to play with it. You can pick either of the four colours that are  available at our shop.

These toys are awesome rewards since dogs love playing with you!

Just like all of our fleece toys, we recommend only to use these when you want to play together as these are not chew toys for your pet to have something to do when you’re busy and your dog gets bored.

You can use it to help in training and teaching your friend to let go and grab on when you ask it to. A great tip is to hide the toy out of the dogs reach as soon as you finish playing. Then the toy will become a super special prize and a favourite toy that the pet won’t be able to wait to play with.

Enjoy playing together! Hugs and cuddles for all furry friends! xx