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Great interactive dog toys use the dog’s natural instinct for finding hidden treats. Dogs love it!


  • This is a handmade interactive toy to stimulate sniffing. Fun involving finding hidden dog treats. Dogs love it!
  • It uses the natural dog instinct and satisfies the natural needs to explore, search and sniff.
  • Sniffing mat is helpful in exercises with dog behaviour, emotional control, separation anxiety, and dog feeding needs. Assists in calming down hyperactive dogs, it provides a lot of stimulation and occupation.
  • It helps to reduce house destructions, as the dog is stimulated and will not be bored. Prevents rapid eating.
  • Feeding mat decreases obesity since it teaches the dog to eat calmly and slowly. It prevents air swallowing.
  • This sniffing mat is 100% washable, it can be washed in a washing machine at 40˚C.


Sniffing mat engages the dog’s sense of smell to look for hidden dog food. This interactive toy provides a great stimulation to your dog since it satisfies your dog’s natural urge to sniff, explore and find food. It is very helpful in dog behavioural training, control of emotions and to develop sniffing skills. It provides a great entertainment for bored dogs, can be used for work with separation anxiety, destruction at home and to meet the natural needs of your dog. It is perfect for dogs who swallow food too fast, significantly prolonging their eating time. DogDirect London feeding mat is 100% washable. 


These dog toys are not indestructible, dogs should always be supervised!



S (SMALL): ∅ 12 IN / 30 CM
L (LARGE): ∅ 20 IN / 50 CM


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