About us

We are a company based in United Kingdom and are manufacturing handmade pets products, especially dog tug toys, interactive sniffing mats, treat bags, leads and collars.

We would like to share with you that our attention is focused on quality and we are putting all our hearts into the products, making them handmade, unique and special for your best friends.

We all have worked with dogs for many years and we all have dogs around on a daily basis. We are dog-owners, pet sitters, qualified trainers and behaviorists and we are passionate about our work so we hope that these beautiful animals will like what we make for them.

We, as a company design as well as produce products with high standards that we know won’t fail any of our client’s demands. We make sure that each one is tightly made and very durable. We love animals, so we don’t use any animal ingredients. In addition to that, our products cover most of a dog’s needs: walks, exploring, exercise, feeding and playing.

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London was a wonderful inspiration for the start of our company. In actual fact it was all the passionate animal lovers that we met while walking and working with dogs in this fascinating city. Their positive approach to dogs sparked an idea in our minds. Then we began to produce products for pets to have fun playing, walking and eating.

our mission

fun & safety
for your best friend

As pet trainers and owners, we always needed something that met our high standards. So we made it our mission to fix that problem. In everything we do, we try to do the best job possible, our leashes are tough yet delicate and nice to the touch. 

Our toys are durable yet soft and flexible, our treat bags have enough space for snacks yet are small and pleasing to the eye. All for our little furry friends.


Our handmade products all follow an innovative design, causing them to make modern, useful items with an artistic, stylish touch.

To get to this stage we had to hand select the colours, design a template to follow later and experiment with different designs until perfection is achieved.

The toys are all plaited by hand to ensure durable strength.

All of the materials are thoroughly tested and only the best ones are choosen to guarantee safety for your dog. The tape out of which the leashes and collars are made is the best of its kind, specially made for climbing and therefor resistant and yet gentle and soft to touch. Also we use a simple and compact design of clip for the collars which allows for easy locking to ensure that it doesn’t fall off.

However, most importantly for us, it’s the wonderful, exuberant people who create each one of our toys, leashes, collars, treat bags, sniffing mats and all the other accessories. 








We plait each toy by hand to ensure that they are all tough and durable. Also, the best materials have been selected from a very wide variation to create the nicest touch for playful dogs. The leashes and collars are made of just as good materials.

They were put together out of special, silky tapes, perfect for climbing equipment, therefore more than resistant. Their clips and clasps have a simple, strong design to always keep your best friend safe.

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