About us

Hello anyone who loves dogs, ecology and nature. We are a company based in the United Kingdom. We present to you: our handmade dog toys from 100% ecological hemp cords. Our goal is to make our planet a better place for us and our furry babies.

We would like to tell you that we are focused on quality and are putting our hearts into our ecologic products, making them handmade, unique, healthy and special for your best friends.

We have all worked with dogs for many years and we all have dogs around on a daily basis. We are dog-owners, pet sitters, qualified trainers and behaviourists and we are passionate about our work so we hope that these beautiful animals will like what we make for them.

As a company, we design as well as produce products with high standards that we know won’t fail any of our client’s demands. We make sure that each one is tightly made and very durable. We love animals and nature, so our tugs are made from a 100% ecological and fantastic material – hemp. It is natural, biodegradable, it cleans dogs' teeth and our furry friends are crazy for its scent!

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London was a wonderful inspiration to the start of our company. In actual fact it was all the passionate animal lovers that we met while walking and working with dogs in this fascinating city. Their positive approach to dogs sparked this idea, and we began to produce products for pets to have fun. We now make ecological products for owners, who care about the environment and the health of their furry friends. Our tugs will be great to play, learn and reduce stress while walking around London.

our mission


We deal with dogs professionally. We are trainers and behaviourists, so we approach the subject of play very seriously, because we know how important its role is in the lives of dogs. We also love nature and we care about the environment.

Therefore, our mission is to bring joy to dogs and their owners, respecting the health of our fluffy children and nature. Our toys are 100% ecological, biodegradable, safe for dogs and fragrant with nature - and dogs cannot resist them.


Why handmade? It’s simple. Our products are made of natural materials and are created with love and care. Thanks to the fact that they are handmade, we can be sure that they are of the highest quality. Made with attention to every detail. After all, it’s all about the health and fun of our dog children.

Tug toys are made of ecological hemp ropes that are soft, biodegradable and safe for dogs. Even if they swallow a small piece, they will be okay.

However, most importantly for us, it’s the wonderful, exuberant people who create each one of our tugs.

The toys are all plaited by hand to ensure durable strength. You can be sure that they are created with care and love.

The toys are handmade in Europe, where the material also comes from. We offer products that are created with respect for nature and the people who work for us.



safe for dogs

eco tugs

made of hemp

We plait each toy by hand to ensure that they are all tough and durable. The toys are made of hemp cords and ropes– which have very high tensile strength. Therefore, hemp is used for climbing, shipping, weight loading, and nautical application. 

Hemp's natural qualities and strength make it very durable. An additional advantage is the fact that the ropes are safe and pleasant to the touch and gentle for dogs, so they are suitable for both puppies and large dogs.

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